Bobby’s Baja Condo Resort is located south of Rosarito Beach.  Take the toll road (cuota) and exit at Puerto Nuevo – about 10 miles past the second toll booth.  Exit, then turn left onto the four-lane free road.  Bobby’s is less than a mile on your right.





Getting to Bobby’s Baja by the Sea is really easy! Take either Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 south towards the Mexican border. If you have not already purchased liability insurance make sure you exit the freeway at Dairy Mart Road, about a mile or two before the border, for Mexican insurance (Muy importante!) or check out this website beforehand: – Baja Bound Insurance


CROSSING THE BORDER…Unless you have more than $75 of merchandise per person, use one of the Nothing to Declare lanes.

(This lane is used when you are bringing, as a tourist (FMM) $75 or less. Your personal luggage and other merchandise up to the allowed exemption – US$75 per person. The amount is cumulative per number of people in the vehicle. For example; two people would have $150 exemption. You must have receipts and invoices to qualify for the exemption.)


As you come towards the border you’ll make a 90 degree right turn and continue to El Chaparral (the new Mexican border crossing) as you cross through the gate, either a red or green light will be activated.  This is done completely randomly.  Green (Pase) means proceed, while if you get a red (Revision), you will be directed to a customs-inspection area. Don’t be nervous. Just roll down your windows and let the officials take a look. They might want to look inside your trunk or under the seats. This is quite normal. When they are satisfied that you have no guns or drugs in your vehicle, they will most likely wave you through. If you appear to be bringing quite a bit of merchandise they may direct you into the Duty area. Have your receipts ready and approach the Duty Official with them. If they find that you are over the qualifying exemption you will pay a Duty tariff of 15-25% depending on the type of merchandise.

As you depart the customs-inspection area, keep to the right.  Look ahead for the sign that says Rosarito-Ensenada Scenic Road as the ramp exit for the Toll Road (Aka; Scenic Road or Cuota). Once you see it, stay to the right and loop over and down to the road which will be following the border wall, making sure you follow signs that say ” Rosarito-Ensenada”. You will be traveling west along the US Border Wall towards the beach. You will go up and down a few hills and make a few turns, just stay on the highway and follow signs. After passing the “Playas” sign, the highway splits to the left towards Rosarito (the right will take you to the Playas of TJ – stay to the left), and will continue south along the coastline. You will soon see the first toll booth, pay the toll (between $2.00-2.50) and continue south.

This is a great road & well worth the money. 15.5 miles from that toll and just south of Rosarito proper, you will encounter the second toll booth — same price.

Go thru the second toll and continue for approximately 7.5 miles. Exit at the first exit saying “Puerto Nuevo”. Turn left onto the ‘free’ road, (Rosarito Christian Church will be in front of you), go approximately 1/4 mile, if that. You are now going south on the Free Road (Carretera Libre).  Bobby’s Baja by the Sea is a yellow walled community and will be on the right (ocean side). Look for, and turn right at the “Bobby’s by the Sea” sign. Show the gate guard your Confirmation Letter or proceed to the restaurant parking lot to check in at the Office just to the left of the Restaurant entrance in the Patio.

Ask for the on-site manager to receive directions and your key to your condo. The gate is closed after 11:30pm; if you plan to arrive after that time, please try to call to let us know your expected time of arrival otherwise you may have to call for the guard who will escort you to your unit.